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Wool has a reputation for outperforming other fibres and it’s not hard to see why.

Its unique structure gives wool a natural ability to breathe, stay wrinkle-free, absorb humidity, and create clothing that can adapt to different climates. Other animal hair fibres we use such as alpaca, yak, mohair and cashmere share similar properties.

Wool is one of the earth’s most renewable fibres. It’s an annually shorn and replenished resource, has great recycling potential and can decompose in soil. As sheep are less likely to uproot grass when feeding, this gives pastures a better chance to regenerate.

We source wool for select products in our ranges from Australian Woolmark farms which aim to prioritise regenerative practices that encourage soil health, increase biodiversity, and improve water cycles.

Sportscraft are committed to ethical and humane wool sourcing, and as part of this commitment we are tracing deeper into our wool supply chain.

Animal welfare is a concern for anyone who produces or wears wool, and Sportscraft has a strict non-muelsing policy. Our wool growers try to ensure sheep are treated humanely in accordance with local animal welfare laws, but due to the complex nature of material supply chains it is challenging to have complete visibility over the origins of our wool. We support producers who are transitioning away from non-muelsed wool, and will continue tracing our wool back to the source so we can deepen our commitment to practices that improve animal welfare.

To help us on this journey, we are working with traceability and provenance experts such as Everledger.