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1 Mar 2023

Author: SportscraftMarketing

At Sportscraft, we love linen because it performs beautifully in tailored fits and gives a charming creased finish when worn. It’s also absorbent and stays exceptionally fresh in hot weather.

Most of the world’s linen is grown on the coastal band of Western Europe stretching from Northern France through to Belgium and the Netherlands. From here, it travels the world to be spun, woven and knitted into fabric. Linen fibres are thicker and longer than cotton, which gives the material its valued strength and longevity.

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We value knowing where our linen comes from and the conditions under which it’s grown. This is why we are increasing our use of linen grown in Western Europe, which is majority rain-fed, free from genetic modification and cultivated without heavy use of fertiliser and pesticides. We will also be increasing the traceability of our linen.



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We source wool for select products in our ranges from Australian Woolmark farms which aim to prioritise regenerative practices that encourage soil health, increase biodiversity, and improve water cycles.

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