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Man-made cellulosic fibres, commonly known by the names viscose, rayon and modal, are unique in the world of textiles.

They are created through a hybrid process where natural materials – wood pulp (the ‘cellulose’ of trees) or cotton waste – are broken down with a solvent and mechanically turned into a pure cellulosic fibre.

Not all of these fibres are created equal. Their production can contribute to deforestation if the wood used to create them isn’t sourced responsibly, and mismanagement of solvents can lead to environmental pollution.

That’s why we’re prioritising the use of Lenzing trademarked fibres such as TENCEL™ Lyocell and TENCEL™ Modal. The wood sourced for their production comes from sustainable forestry or naturally grown forests and is produced in a closed-loop system where most solvents are recovered and reused. Other fibres we use with similar environmental commitments are Birla Cellulose and Eastman Naia™.