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At Sportscraft, we believe in caring for the environment with long-term impact in mind; the same way we design our clothes.

As part of our commitment to a more transparent supply chain, our woollen knitwear is crafted from Australian Merino wool, sourced from New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

Natural, renewable, and made to last. We want your knitwear to be loved for winters to come. From how to wash your woollen knitwear to removing pills, read our expert tips below.


How to handwash wool (Recommended)

If handwashing, turn the garment inside out and use a gentle detergent with lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly with cold water. To remove excess water, roll your knit in a towel and gently press. Once washed, gently move the garment back to its original shape and lay flat to dry - make sure not to wring or twist. You can lightly iron wool on the inside.

How to machine wash wool

Always read the care label before washing your woollen garments. If machine washable, wash on the ‘wool’ or ‘delicate’ setting inside out and ideally in a laundry bag (The Woolmark Company recommends gentle action at 40°C).

A neutral, mild wool or Woolmark-certified detergent will help to prolong the lifespan of your favourite woollen knitwear.

How to dry wool


• Always check the care label first to learn how best to dry your woollen garments.

• We recommend drying woollen items flat and in the shade.

• Hang tailored jackets and pants on a hanger in the shade.


• Hang knitted jumpers or dresses on the line, as this can cause the garment to stretch due to the weight of moisture.

• Leave garments to dry in direct sunlight.

• Leave garments to dry on a radiator, as this can cause discolouration.

How to store your knitwear

Always make sure your knitwear is clean and dry before you store it away to prevent any dirt or damp settling in. Never hang your woollen garments up, instead store them flat to retain its shape. If your knitwear is bulky, roll up instead of folding.

We recommend using vacuum bags or cloth storage bags.

Will knit fabric shrink?

Our woollen garments are made to last a lifetime. But it’s important to look after your Sportscraft wardrobe. Always follow the care instructions before washing or drying your knitwear. If you have any questions, please reach out to our expert customer care team.

Can knitwear be tailored?

Yes, knitted garments can be tailored.


Pilling (or bobbling) is where small fibres of wool form on the surface of the garment. It can be caused by day-to-day wear or incorrect washing and is commonly found on the sleeves and sides of the knit. We recommend using a wool comb to keep your garment soft and luxurious.

How to remove pills from wool

Always use a detergent that is designed for wool, as concentrated varieties can damage the fibres. We also recommend avoiding the use of fabric softener.

• Lay your knitwear flat.

• A knitwear comb can be used to remove small pills. Gently brush in an upwards motion while holding the fabric down.

• A battery-operated fabric shaver is also a cost-effective way to remove pills too.

How to prevent pilling

To reduce the risk of pilling, always turn your garment inside out before washing and use a wool-specific detergent.

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